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We're a company built on year's of experience with our focus set on big things.

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We're an international company at heart and our core focus is set on helping other institutions across the globe.

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After years in the financial industry, our team got together in 2020, to use their experience in solving some big issues.

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Client onboarding needs a revival - and we're here to help.

Customer onboarding is a central piece of the overall client journey as it is often the first experience that clients go through. It is however also a process fraught with complexity and ever-changing rules and regulations.

At its core, a process that needs to satisfy relatively opposite forces - compliance/regulation and customer/user experience. The best proven way of tackling this problem is to build a sleek user experience and use the latest digital identity services to shorten the process as much as possible. The issue with this is that it can take months to implement just a single identity service and from that point making future changes would require even further development resources.

HelloFlow is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company that was started to explore ways of solving this issue. Our founders had previously been met with a similar situation when they were asked to implement onboarding solutions for some of Europe’s largest companies.

The essence of the platform is that it combines two functionalities: 1. an easy way to create and adjust an onboarding “flow” and 2. a service infrastructure that allows a given company to “drag and drop” identity services into their new process. What this results in, is a platform where building compliant, best-in-class digital onboarding flows can now be done in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

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