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October 6, 2021

How HelloFlow’s Flow Builder Works

Key takeaways:
  • Everything you need to know about creating a digital onboarding process on HelloFlow
  • Simply drag and drop to build, no coding ever
  • Customize your flow to match your branding
  • Integrate services that streamline the process like phone number verification

They say people never forget a first impression, which is precisely how you should approach your onboarding process. Making a stellar first impression can make or break any business opportunity, which is why when you're onboarding clients, there is no room for errors or time for delays. This is why traditional onboarding is out of the question. Not only is it slow, repetitive, and complex. Its low progression speed can lead to a 40% abandonment rate in onboarding. Almost 7 out of 10 millennials demand a seamlessly integrated experience for digital services across all channels.

Using HelloFlow's intuitive, no-code platform, you can create an online onboarding process right away and launch it the same day you start building it. Integrated with a myriad of services that address all your onboarding needs, all you have to do is drag and drop whichever features you need. Not a single line of code will be written; it's that easy to use! In fact, if you can use a laptop or smartphone, you have all the know-how you need to use the Flow Builder. Here's a little guide to illustrate exactly how the magic happens.

How the Flow Builder Works

Whether you need to onboard individual or corporate clients, the Flow Builder is jam-packed with comprehensive tools to gather and verify all the information you might need. The beauty of this system is that you don't have to be a coder to execute any of it. You could be in marketing, a graphic designer or an intern. The Flow Builder operates on a drag and drop system. You can easily create a form and assign parts of that form with services that execute a particular function, like acquiring a digital signature or verifying a national ID.

Due to the variety of information you'll need to collect, the Flow Builder uses smart fields to ensure the digital onboarding process runs smoothly. Along with drop-down and multiple-choice menus, choose sections for document uploads, blank fields, and phone number verification services from Twilio.

Flow Builder overview
Flow Builder allows you to drag and drop all services and features needed to create customised onboarding flow.

Your process can act as a living breathing system, including conditions to approve or deny applications. This is essentially automation that not only saves you and the applicant time but allows the onboarding process to be interactive. For example, along the journey, if it is established the client is under the age of 18 and you do not cater to this age group, the application will immediately be rejected. A simple feature like this makes a big difference; using an intelligent rule engine can curb long waiting times.

The Flow Builder is also customizable in terms of adjusting fonts, colors, backgrounds, and button styles. This allows you a good amount of flexibility when adapting to your company's branding guidelines and aesthetics. You can even save these style presets and apply them to future flows. Available are also curated style sets made by us at HelloFlow, saving you even more time when building your flow.

Once you've completed your process, you can test many essential parts of your onboarding flow in real-time without publishing it. All basic functionality and some services like Twilio and NemID can be examined as if you were going through the process yourself, helping you understand the customer's experience better. Best of all, the Flow Builder seamlessly pivots with regulations without you having to lift a finger, and it can be updated without taking it offline, meaning you'll never miss a customer. Once you're happy with your flow, you can simply launch it using a unique URL or by embedding it within your existing website.

Are you curious about Helloflow's panel of services and how they help verify, authenticate, and identify client information? Continue reading below to learn more.

Integrated Services You Can Use When Onboarding

Our Flow Builder is readily equipped with an arsenal of services that help you make every part of the digital onboarding process faster, smoother, and safer. This includes vital procedures like identity verification with Twilio, both digital and document verification with Onfido, running AML checks with WW+, verifying company data with Virk, handling digital signatures with Nem ID, managing client leads with CRM tools like Salesforce and in-house tools by HelloFlow, like our Flow Connector which allows you to link multiple onboarding processes together.

That's just a sampling of what's on offer. You can find the complete service catalog here and explore all the new features continually being added to create an even more advanced onboarding system.

Service Catalog overview
HelloFlow integrates a host of services for agile onboarding process, including eSignature, eID verification, AML, and more.

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Digital onboarding is more than a trend, it is solidifying itself as a baseline for future companies in fields like banking, finance, recruitment and more. As part of your customer acquisition experience, a fast and easy to use onboarding system will differentiate you from the crowd. By streamlining your digital onboarding process with HelloFlow, you can save costs, entice more customers and stay on top of compliance almost effortlessly. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial, where you can start building your online onboarding flow right away or book a demo now so we can show you how it's done in just a few clicks!

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