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October 13, 2021

How HelloFlow’s Native CRM Portal Works

Key takeaways:
  • The more you know about your customer, the better you can serve them.
  • HelloFlow's CRM tool helps you to manage your data and increase conversions.
  • Take advantage of automation and data that update in real-time.

If you're not taking advantage of your customers' data, you're missing out on valuable leads, insights, and a chance to ensure that the customers you do have onboard are getting the best out of your services! A sound CRM system can help your revenue immensely and is a vital part of day-to-day operations. HelloFlow's Client Portal not only collects data but allows you to visualize it. Our CRM portal works in tandem with our Flow Builder, meaning any of your existing onboarding flows here on HelloFlow translate to the Client Portal.

A report by Software Advice claims that 74% of all CRM adopters found that CRM "offered improved access to customer data"; meanwhile, 61% of sales distributors claimed CRM allowed them easier access to critical customer information and data. And it's true. We know first-hand just how important a tool like this can be when streamlining how we do business. After all, data makes the world go round! Here are 4 major reasons why you need HelloFlow's Client Portal and the significance of a great CRM system.

Get a Full Overview of Your Customers

If you've ever wanted a window into who your customers are, well, here it is! The Client Portal offers a clear overview of your client's history, behavior when interacting with your flows and essential data, including AML checks and any red flags. All their documents are housed here too, making it easy to access and review.

Once you've collected leads, you can use the case management tool to analyze and perform any manual due diligence. All this information is like a treasure trove, your team can identify a customer's needs quickly, and with enough data, it can be used to shape your business strategy. Even if you've lost a customer along the journey, this information can be used to follow up and recuperate losses.

Client Portal - client profile overview
Our Client Portal gives you a clear overview of all the data your client submits.

Increase Conversions

This is where the real magic happens. Up your conversions by tweaking your onboarding process based on the data collected and customers' web behaviour. Maybe you find that your onboarding flow takes too long, and customers tend to drop out on the 10th step, or perhaps it's evident that one portion is unclear, and customers tend to submit the wrong information here. Leave nothing to chance; you can address these issues immediately.

Additionally, the Client Portal allows you to weed through customers quicker, finding those who are qualified or unqualified leads with little effort. This is an excellent tool for your sales team to be more efficient when building a solid relationship with clientele.

Automate Tasks

Say goodbye to data entry and contact record updates. No one will miss them! Any submitted data lives in the Client Portal, including any interaction a customer has with your system, down to the time it took them to complete your onboarding flow. Data entry is an important task, but it's a surefire way to burn time, which is why having an automated CRM system can be so valuable.

All this information updates in real-time, allowing you to set your sights on the bigger picture. Data from the Client Portal can be easily downloaded to create further automation like follow up communications and up-sell email campaigns.

Keep Your Data in One Place

Don't underestimate the power of organization and efficiency! Keeping all your data in one place makes it accessible to all stakeholders across departments, allowing them the complete picture of clients' documentation, profiles, and data. This allows for greater streamlined planning and communication internally; you can even create tasks within the Client Portal to assign crucial next steps within your workflow.

Client Portal - services overview
HelloFlow's native CRM allows you to see each step of client onboarding process, including data from services used during onboarding.

Along with a structured workflow when following up with customers, add helpful notes within a client's profile. This can help your team provide better, more personalized service and indicate why a client was rejected or pending approval. Review all the feedback from every service that was used during onboarding. For example, the percentage of data that matched a client in any official database like CPR, Virk or BREX. This helps to paint an even clearer picture of a client's profile.

For those using CRM tools like Salesforce and HubSpot, HelloFlow's data can easily be exported to these platforms, allowing you to have everything in one place that updates in real-time. Simply add HelloFlow to HubSpot by adding it into the flow from the "Export" step and logging in to your HubSpot account. Accept the pre-mapped fields or manually map fields within the flow to connect with fields from HubSpot, and all the data will be sent there in real-time.

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Our Flow Builder and Client Portal offer the total package when it comes to onboarding and retaining customers. This all-in-one system is a vital tool in growing a business of any size. With more tools and services launching all the time, sign up for a quick 30-minute demo today to see how HelloFlow can improve your client relationship management. You can also try our platform for free - apply for a trial account.

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