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November 24, 2021

How HelloFlow’s Performance Engine Works

Key takeaways:
  • The key to higher conversions lies within your data.
  • By using data analytics, you can hone in on regional and target group preferences.
  • Identify your onboarding flow's strengths and weaknesses quickly.
  • Stay on the cusp of trends and behaviors by monitoring data points.

The great thing about data is numbers don't lie. They don't offer up a biased opinion. It's simply cold hard facts at your disposal. That's exactly why data should influence all parts of your business, and when it comes to the performance of your client onboarding flows, harnessing those little pockets of data can directly translate into profits.

Our Performance Engine is part of a larger ecosystem that makes onboarding clients more efficient and cost-effective. It integrates with our onboarding Flow Builder, Monitoring Engine, and CRM Client Portal. Data analytics within the client onboarding process helps you identify what's working like a well-oiled machine and what's dragging you down.

The Importance of Performance Engine

A clear, overarching summary of an onboarding flow's performance is the jumping-off point for flow optimization. This is where you can begin to understand the strengths and weaknesses when bringing on new clients. HelloFlow's Performance Engine system allows you to gain near real-time insights as customers trickle in. You can even update your onboarding flow without ever taking it offline. For example, if you see several customers abandoning your flow at the same spot, you likely have a bottleneck that needs addressing. The power of data means you can continually refine, only getting better and better over time.

These numbers directly express your overall customer satisfaction and a way to test new strategies when onboarding customers. Using these figures, you can formulate a clear direction for long-term goals and short-term improvements. Otherwise, you're essentially shooting in the dark. The beauty of data is that it also allows you to identify trends and market shifts. Using data from years prior, you could use it to forecast upcoming years, for example, to see if there is a particular need for a specific service during a certain time of year. The more data you collect, the more patterns emerge. Internally, it can also be used to set benchmarks for your sales team, marketing collaterals, and other advertising channels.

HelloFlow Digital Client Onboarding Performance overview
Use Performance Engine to improve or personalize client onboarding.

Performance Engine is also incredibly useful when personalizing your onboarding experience. After all, onboarding isn't necessarily a one size fits all kind of deal. By customizing the experience branch by branch, you can cater to local preferences, current trends, and target audiences. You may even find that in some regions, certain parts of your flow require more time to complete. This allows you to pivot and adapt by dividing the process into two individual steps or adding an extra explanation to make it easier for people to finish the process. The greatest value that data analytics add is that it will prevent the loss of customers down the road, removing any obstructions to onboarding.

"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway." – Geoffrey Moore, author and consultant.

The Data You Can Gather

There are several data points you have access to thanks to HelloFlow's Performance Engine that can help streamline onboarding, improve customer satisfaction, and amplify your conversion rates. Here's all the data at your fingertips:

  • Flow Leads - See how many people have started the onboarding journey.
  • Completed Signups - How many people successfully made it through the onboarding process.
  • Flow Conversion Rate - Gain a clear overview of how your conversion rates stack up day to day, week to week, month to month.
  • Average Flow Conversion Time - The average time it takes prospects to complete the digital onboarding process.
  • Flow dropout and conversion rates per step and service - An important metric to see where your onboarding flow needs the most improvement. You can easily sort this metric by branch.
  • Average time per step and service - It's important to strike a balance between gathering all the information you need but not taking up too much of a prospective client's time. Using this metric, you can find the right balance.

HelloFlow Performance Analytics onboarding report
HelloFlow's Performance Engine gives you insights into the clients' behavior during onboarding process.

HelloFlow's analytics hub also shows the number of started and completed signups over the last three months, so you can view quarterly data right in the backend. Having a fully integrated system that directly ties in with your onboarding flow makes for a cohesive platform accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Using reports and graphs, the information at hand is simple to understand because there's nothing worse than having data you don't know what to do with. HelloFlow makes it easy to interpret the data and improve your onboarding process.

That's the beauty of digital onboarding; it's always focused on the future and building upwards. Using data to superpower your onboarding performance not only gives you the edge over competitors, but it also gives you greater insight into modern customers, provides you with more market intelligence, and ensures you make an educated decision.

Want to know how you can eliminate onboarding bottlenecks and increase conversions? Book a demo with a HelloFlow expert today or sign up for a 14-day free trial, no credit card needed!

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