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June 24, 2021

Introducing HelloFlow

Key takeaways:
  • HelloFlow was founded in 2020
  • No-code platform allowing a single person to build, launch and improve onboarding flows
  • A host of KYC and AML services integrated into the platform
  • Both local and global services for easy market expansion
  • Built-in CRM system

One would assume that in the 2020s setting up a bank account wouldn’t require going to a branch, signing papers, and providing a photo ID to be authenticated. Yet, here we are – the vast majority of banks and financial institutions still use a procedure of providing a not-so-smooth and not-so-tech-enabled customer onboard experience. But every cloud has a silver lining - and this particular cloud brought HelloFlow to life. Our goal was not only to enable the best customer experience but also to increase company efficiency, encourage digitalization and reduce operational costs – all without requiring a single IT resource.

HelloFlow founders
HelloFlow founders - Ciprian Florescu and Mikkel Skarnager.

We know that onboarding a client is a lengthy process, we’ve been there before. After years of experience within the financial industry, endless paperwork, and hours of manual client onboarding, our founders decided to develop a digital solution that would help accelerate the onboarding process.

Usually, the best way to tackle this problem is to build a sleek user experience and use the latest digital identity services to shorten the process as much as possible. The issue with this is that it can take months to implement just a single identity service. Not to mention - making future changes would require even further development resources. Yes, we’ve been there too. But that’s how we found a solution!

We started off by acknowledging that anything related to onboarding, monitoring, renewing client data, etc. all revolves around a process – and at the heart of a process, are a set of steps, rules, and services. To enable building such a process, we created our Flow Builder that allows you to construct flows (our name for a process). On top of this, we’ve created a vast library of services – with everything ranging from KYC, KYB, AML, optimization, and support services – that can simply be dragged and dropped into one’s process. This in turn allows you to set up a digital process with all the local services you would need and launch instantly. What’s more, all services are available in a “pay-for-what-you-use” model as it’s possible to run on our contract with each provider – forget all about having to negotiate unfavorable terms.

HelloFlow platforms - flow overview
HelloFlow platform - flow overview.

But onboarding is not only about gathering client information. That data needs to be securely stored, easily accessed, and managed. To make it easier, we created a CRM portal that helps with case management, as well as analysis and finalization of due diligence. On top of that, we added a Client Monitoring tool to automate screening and monitoring processes so tweaks can be made on the fly. It makes KYC and AML compliance as easy as a few clicks. If you’d instead like data stored on your own setup – then simply choose from one of our CRM plugins or connect to our API.

The icing on the cake?

Our solution doesn’t require coding – all of the above is literally done by clicking-and-dragging.

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