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July 6, 2021

What Is No-Code?

Key takeaways:
  • No-code technology allows anyone with a computer to create websites, apps, onboarding tools, business flows, and more by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Solve business problems and ease bottlenecks without the need for coding knowledge.
  • No-code solutions are highly cost and time-effective, on top of being customizable.
  • Onboarding clients is now expedited with intuitive tools like HelloFlow.
  • Even established brands are opting for no-code solutions over platforms built from scratch!

Along the fringes of the internet, you may have heard terms like 'no-code websites' and 'no-code onboarding' being thrown around. It's time to take notice as this new wave of no-code solutions is carving out a digital revolution that bypasses the need to understand tricky development jargon. Just 5 years ago, this was unheard of, and now we're on the cusp of no-code becoming a part of digital literacy, leaving no man behind.

What Is No-Code?

No-code solutions allow those unfamiliar with programming to create platforms and processes using drag and drop builders. This movement has created accessibility unlike any other, so much so that even the technologically challenged can conquer it! This essentially allows anyone with a laptop to unlock the ability to create websites, apps, AI tools, onboarding platforms, customized task managers, and more in little to no time.

As the world becomes more digital, it's also becoming far more approachable. No-code continues to weave its way into more and more industries because it is effortless and has an intuitive nature. Before the existence of no-code, platforms that allowed you to build assets for your business were far too stringent to cater to individual needs. On the other hand, building from scratch was costly and had to be maintained by a dedicated dev team. We've now arrived at the sweet spot. Gone are the days where you have to choose between digital products being made fast, affordably, or right.

For example, take onboarding clients; in 2021, it still takes the financial sector over a week to fully onboard a new client. Soon that will be unheard of! By utilizing no-code onboarding platforms like ours at HelloFlow, it only takes a few days to fully onboard new customers. Much like building with blocks, you can create a process that onboards clientele quickly and smoothly through an online portal. Placing all the tools you need, like forms, conditions, client monitoring, and regulatory requirements, all in one neatly packaged place. Simply put, it's the better, faster, stronger way to do it.

"...the industry is really catching up to how much you can do with no-code in a way that it's solving real business problems. It's helping entrepreneurs and creators create new products and services without having to get a computer science degree or do four years of training." - Vlad Magdalin, Founder and CEO of Webflow, a no-code web design platform, in an interview with TechRepublic, May 2021.
working setup
No-code solutions allow those unfamiliar with programming to create platforms and processes using drag and drop builders.

Why Should No-Code Matter To You?

Many have said it, but it bears repeating. The pandemic exposed a lot of flaws in the way we work. It's apparent that digital tools are now a natural part of how any successful company operates smoothly, and without them, you become cumbersome. Not only can no-code solutions help your business's day-to-day operations, but it's the digital key to unlocking features that would have once taken up too many resources to execute. Here are the tangible ways no-code can help you:

Cost-saving: "It's too expensive" is no longer an excuse! Indeed, one of the most important factors is the cost-saving benefits of using no-code platforms. You can entirely circumvent the need for a development team or help streamline resources for existing programming or IT personnel within your company.

Faster delivery: No-code platforms allow you to create new applications and processes within minutes or just a few days. Saving you an immense amount of time spent on code being written line by line.

Quick to market: Naturally, businesses can push assets out to market far faster than before because the creation time is expedited.

Easy to adapt: As your business grows, your needs may change. Revising any client-facing or internal materials quickly is crucial and can now be done with little to no interruptions.

No learning curve: As mentioned before, no-code software allows you to drag and drop or click and point to create business tools. Relying only on skills you already possess. No sitting through lengthy seminars or finding tutorials on YouTube, anyone can easily navigate no-code platforms.

Greater security: Custom code can often house errors and security risks. On the other hand, no-code platforms implement tried and tested systems that offer greater protection to businesses and their data.

HelloFlow service hub
HelloFlow no-code platform allows a single person to drag-and-drop KYC and AML services into the workflow with just a few clicks and create customized onboarding process.

How No-Code Is Transforming Established Businesses

No-code promises to build digital products in a few clicks. While this is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and small businesses, industry giants have also adopted this technology. BBC, the iconic broadcaster in the UK, recently switched their online store from Magento 1, which requires development knowledge to use, to a popular no-code e-commerce platform, Shopify Plus. They shifted to Shopify due to its flexibility, reliability, and easy-to-use content management system, saving them time and resources down the road!

Travel giant Expedia, on the other hand, adopted the no-code platform Airtable, which takes the familiarity of spreadsheet solutions and superpowers it with data crunching technology. Expedia's UX team utilizes this platform to help organize and automate how they track projects, tasks, calendars, reviews, and workload capacity. This helped build a greater sense of efficiency and transparency within the office culture.

When it comes to your business, you may be faced with a tricky decision: Should I create my business tools using an API platform from scratch, with the help of a developer, or should I opt for a no-code framework that I can execute myself? There are many pros and cons to either approach, and that's why we decided to break it down. Check our comparison of no-code and API.

Last but not least, there's us at HelloFlow! The no-code onboarding platform literally takes you minutes to create flows. Our clients favor our no-code onboarding platform because it saves them valuable time on a once lengthy process. On top of that, it's simple to use for all parties, easy-to-scale, cost-effective, and allows customers to self-onboard effortlessly. Best of all, with our onboarding solutions, you can deploy within hours. But why tell you when we can show you — book a demo with us today!

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