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December 21, 2021

Simplifying Digital Onboarding - Why We Started HelloFlow

Key takeaways:
  • Traditional onboarding is not sustainable in the modern age.
  • HelloFlow tackles all the mounting issues associated with legacy onboarding processes with a digital approach.
  • A comprehensive onboarding tool like HelloFlow goes beyond increasing conversions. It helps businesses scale.

Here's the thing about onboarding...

Traditional onboarding hasn't had a facelift in a very long time. Like, long past the due date kind of long. If you've ever tried to open a bank account and had to wait for 14 days to have it set up, you know the feeling. Annoying, right? Now, imagine you're running a company and have to wait an average of 6 weeks to set up an account. It's just not sustainable in this day and age.

It feels as though the phrase "leaves more to be desired" was invented when discussing traditional onboarding. The existing landscape of onboarding is plagued by manual handling, lengthy due diligence, interference from several different stakeholders, and tedious processes. This issue is compounded because challenger banks are becoming increasingly popular, whilst traditional banks are seen as stuck in the past.

If their onboarding doesn't speak to the digital-savvy generation, they have absolutely zero chance of winning them over. HelloFlow was founded to solve these issues. Their mission is not to reinvent the wheel because when you think about it, the wheel is broken. Instead, they are helping to translate onboarding into the modern experience.

A tablet with a calendar on display
HelloFlow empowers businesses to improve the digital onboarding process and shorten the processing time.

This is where HelloFlow comes in

HelloFlow was founded in 2020 by Mikkel Skarnager and Ciprian Florescu. Leading the digital transformation division at Saxo Bank, Mikkel saw the issues first-hand from the other side of the table —the mounting frustrations experienced by both those doing the onboarding and those being onboarded were evident. As did Co-Founder and CTO at HelloFlow, Ciprian, who has an in-depth understanding of how regulatory services are built and maintained.

Using their broad experiences within client onboarding and financial software development, the two set out to create an onboarding solution that the financial industry desperately needed, one which actually reflects the times we are living in. Shortly after founding HelloFlow, Mikkel and Ciprian were joined by other enterprising specialists from an array of different industries. As the team grows, so too does the endeavor and power to reshape the traditional onboarding process.

Instead of moving from company to company, helping to build custom onboarding platforms from scratch, HelloFlow came up with a solution that can be used by multiple businesses regardless of their size, resources, market, or jurisdiction. Now, HelloFlow is an ever-growing platform where companies can address their onboarding needs with plenty of room for flexibility and agile, new implementations.

HelloFlow's vision is to disrupt traditional client onboarding by providing a digital onboarding solution with low barriers to digitalization. By creating a no-code platform, they've removed the time-consuming demands of IT development and development-related costs. Best of all, when using HelloFlow, there's no learning curve at all. You could be a copywriter, number cruncher, or summer intern and help a business create a comprehensive onboarding process using HelloFlow. It's as simple as dragging and dropping.

Code displayed on a notebook screen
HelloFlow removes the time-consuming demands of IT development and development-related costs by providing a no-code solution.

Armed to the teeth with several tools that make onboarding lightyears faster, it's a piece of cake to use. Within the HelloFlow ecosystem is their Flow Builder where you can create onboarding flows, Performance Engine to help improve conversion rates and gain a deeper understanding of prospects, a Client Portal, aka the CRM system, a Monitoring Engine platform to conduct due diligence without lifting a finger and finally, the custom Risk Engine to help businesses make educated risk-based decisions.

HelloFlow shouldn't be mistaken as an online form that simply collects data. It's a whole interconnected ecosystem that amplifies your entire onboarding process from start to finish. Beyond onboarding, it works to help your businesses scale and adds tremendous value in driving revenue. It makes onboarding easier because it is solution-oriented; for example, due diligence has long been a pain point that saps time, but by using automation, compliance can be conducted within an hour. Having seen the struggles from the business end to consumer end, HelloFlow is diffusing the minefield that is traditional onboarding.

Empowering businesses to embrace a flexible, cost-conscious solution that is totally compliant and builds upon an effortless customer experience. Their value lies in their ease of accessibility and truly approachable platform that gives companies both an international and local reach. But most importantly, HelloFlow onboards in minutes, not weeks, creating an entirely new standard and expectation for onboarding.

As they continue to build upon an already stellar digital onboarding ecosystem, users can expect even more excellent service coverage, including regional services in Germany (Schufa), Great Britain (GBG), and Australia (GBG). Right now, HelloFlow is finetuning their UI and UX to make the platform even more intuitive for building and launching flows, including more personalization and more insights into the client journey. New features are being added frequently, and with every update, onboarding becomes all the more elegant and efficient.

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