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We're a company built on year's of experience with our focus set on big things.

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Our vision

At HelloFlow, our vision is to deliver a marketplace for client onboarding tools and solutions built around a no-code, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. Our thesis has always been that the best-in-class onboarding setups and services should be available to any company, regardless of its size or resources.

At our core, we’re a Platform-as-a-Service company established to disrupt the complex and lengthy traditional client onboarding journey. Our focus from day one was to serve as many jurisdiction as possible and make it possible for any company to leverage our setup to expand into new markets.

Today, the team is doing exactly that - serving clients in almost every continent and ensuring that they can offer the setups they’ve always wanted.

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HelloFlow founders: Ciprian and Mikkel
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Our founders story

HelloFlow was founded in 2020 by Mikkel Skarnager, who previously led Digital Transformation at Saxo Bank, and Ciprian Florescu, a former senior developer from Nets Group. They decided to use their broad experience in client onboarding and financial software development to create a critical financial solution.

Their vision was to disrupt traditional client onboarding by providing a digital onboarding solution with low barriers to digitalization. Thus, they created a no-code platform that not only removes the time-consuming IT development but also development-related costs. Additionally, enabling businesses to onboard clients digitally regardless of company size, resources, market, or jurisdiction - making it accessible to both small and big enterprises.

Shortly after founding HelloFlow, Mikkel and Ciprian were joined by other specialists with experiences from different industries. The team is constantly growing and more members are joining them on their mission to revolutionize the traditional onboarding process.

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