Security and Privacy

At HelloFlow, we deliver critical services to our customers. These trusted services are delivered in line with regulatory and best practice requirements.

How we do it?

We help you gather and manage your customer data, thus we do what it takes to handle it in the most robust and secure manner possible.

As a company providing global services, HelloFlow aims to comply with the highest international standards for data protection. We ensure that all data is encrypted. Our aim is to provide equivalent security throughout the processing and transferring of data across borders.

Our security and privacy frameworks are based on and aligned with GDPR standards.

Service availability

We ensure constant data availability and secure backup storage. Several initiatives ensure data availability and recoverability in case of downtime.

Data encryption

All data and traffic through the HelloFlow platform is being encrypted and protected according to organizational and industry compliance standards.

Secure development

We ensure secure development, testing, and production within dedicated environments. All codes go through testing before being deployed in production.

Employee training

All employees are required to follow a comprehensive set of security policies and complete training before being granted access to the HelloFlow platform.

External audits

On top of our extensive internal scanning and testing initiatives, we engage external security experts to perform testing of our platform.

Internal controls

All employees with access to the HelloFlow platform are subject to internal controls and background checks aiming to ensure the highest security standards are met.

Privacy by design

We respect and never sell user data, hence giving you full ownership of it. We provide you with the right tools to remove data in compliance with regulations.

Privacy impact evaluation

We constantly assess the influence of our developments on data privacy and security ensuring it is being improved.