Get ahead and stay ahead with three simple steps.


  • Using three simple features - Builder, Connector, and Designer - you can create your onboarding setup in minutes.
  • Use the Builder to define questions and flow structure, Connector to select and connect needed KYC services, and Designer to make it look like your own colours and design.
  • Finally, test your flow at any time to ensure that things are working as expected.

“Using the platform, you can set up a proper, sleek, and compliant onboarding process and share it with all stakeholders, all inside a single day.”


  • Once you've defined how to export client data, through our API, email exporter, or by storing it on the platform, you're ready to go.
  • You can either launch you flow through copy/pasting our script to you website or through redirecting to the published link
  • Once your flow has been launched, you can sit back and let the paltform handle the rest.

“When the flow is ready, there's literally just a single button you need to press in order for it to start accepting clients.”


  • Once your flow is launched, everything will run by itself without interuption.
  • You can also go to the platform's "Perfomance" section to see how the flow is performing down to the smallest of metrics.
  • All the information that is collected from your clients will never be visible to anyone other than those you choose. Everything is encrypted to the highest standards.

“Create, launch, and iterate on new flows without distracting your development team.”

Speed up your process with HelloFlow