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Customer onboarding is a central piece of every customer journey - optimize it by providing an agile and compliant onboarding process.

Deliver quick and compliant digital onboarding.

Create a smooth and secure client onboarding process to accelerate conversion.

Use identity verification services already integrated into our platform to ensure strong AML and KYC compliance without slowing down the onboarding process.

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Online onboarding

Enable client sign-ups regardless of the settings. The digital onboarding process will provide your customers with an opportunity to create an account at any time and distance.

5-min onboarding

Create a smooth and secure client onboarding process that takes as little as a few minutes. Reduce waiting time and enable customers to use your services right away.

Digital tools

Accelerate the onboarding process by introducing digital KYC and AML tools from each country - e.g. NemID for Denmark or MyInfo for Singapore.

Key benefits of HelloFlow

Flexibility: Adjust the flow whenever you want. Flow Builder gives you the flexibility to adjust the flow within minutes without engaging additional teams into the process.

No-code digitization: You don’t need an entire IT team to build and launch the flow. The intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ interface allows any member of the business development team to do it.

Cost reduction: Reduce operational costs related to the manual onboarding process by implementing digital onboarding. Reduce teams that needed to be included in the traditional setup.

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Security and privacy

At HelloFlow, security and privacy are at the core of our mission to create solutions that can future-proof your processes - find out more at the link below.

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