What's new?

Here's an overview of new features and recent updates to HelloFlow platform. 🚀

Features Updates
November Update 2
November 30th, 2021
Conditions - introduce branching into your process

Being able to decide a client's path during onboarding is crucial - and that's why we developed our conditions even more. Now, you can create more rules based on nearly any step of the onboarding flow. Use these to ensure regulatory requirements are met, or all services went through. It allows to automatically adjust clients' journeys based on the information they provide throughout their onboarding process.

Conditional Node for Client Onboarding
How to use conditions?

Conditions allow you to decide the journey for your clients. It follows a simple principle of "IF a THEN b", for instance, "IF customers are below 18 y.o. THEN they are not allowed to use our services". Using this step, you can easily introduce branching into your flow, allowing tailored journeys for your different clients.

 Conditional Node - Digital Onboarding

The new features allow you to choose 3 rule types:

  • Services - where you can create a rule based on a chosen service and its outcome, e.g. if the World Watch Plus (AML check service) service finds no hits, the client can proceed with the onboarding flow.
  • Fields - where you can create rules based on client information in various fields, e.g. if a country of residence equals North Korea, a client cannot proceed with the onboarding process.
  • Risk Assessment Model - where you can create rules based on the outcome from Risk Assessment Model, e.g. if clients are identified as low risk, they can be automatically accepted to proceed with the onboarding flow.
New Solution
November Update 1
November 17th, 2021
Performance Analytics

We're excited to announce that our Performance Analytics solution is now fully available on the platform! It gives you insights into the overall performance of your flows and enables you to see users' activity and behaviors. You can later use this data to improve your flows and increase conversion.

Risk Assessment Builder for Client Onboarding
All the insights into your flows

Once your flow has been launched and you start onboarding your first clients, the data about their behaviors and flow journey is being collected and is available in the Performance Analytics within 1 hour. Anything from the lead count, through completed sign-ups, to conversion rate is visible in a form of intuitive graphs, charts, or tables. The data can be filtered based on different timeframes giving you access to the periodical report.

The Performance Analytics gives you valuable insights into flow dropout and conversion rates per every step and service. On top of that, it provides the average completion time per each step and service so you know exactly which steps are cumbersome and need improvement or where your clients drop out. These insights can be used to improve the onboarding flow and create a process that clients can go through easily.

New Solution
October Update 2
October 29th, 2021
Say hello to our newest solution

We're excited to announce that our Risk Assessment Builder solution has been finally launched! It will help you accelerate the client onboarding process by enabling risk-based decision-making. Custom-made risk models built around your onboarding flows can automatically evaluate clients' risk giving you a score-risk status.

Risk Assessment Builder for Client Onboarding
Risk Assessment Builder

The Risk Engine Assessment is a native HelloFlow solution which means it's all built around the Flow Builder enabling you to create customized risk models around your own flows. Once you've built an onboarding flow, you can create a risk model by defining rules and thresholds for different risks, including country, financial, or employment.

Once your risk model is ready, simply add it into the flow, and clients' profiles will be automatically evaluated - it's that simple. The risk score will then appear in the Client Portal together with clients' data. This feature allows you for example to easily categorize the high-risk clients from low-risk ones.

Other improvements:
  • New feature in flow designer - now, the flow designer allows you to adjust the form width to make match you brand's design even more.
New Services
October Update
October 15th, 2021
New CRM Integrations

We know that during client onboarding data can easily spread all over the place - across different databases and documents. That's why we integrated new CRMs to make keeping data in one place easier. With HubSpot and Salesforce integrations, you can easily export the data and store it in one place.

A graph with HubSpot and Salesforce logos

Use HubSpot to manage contacts, keep track of every interaction with your client, and decide how to manage and improve client's relationship with your business. Using HubSpot integration, you can export all data (including documents, AML checks, and more) from HelloFlow to your HubSpot account and make it accessible to all stakeholders.


Use Salesforce to organize contacts and keep track of every interaction with your client. All data collected throughout your client's onboarding journey will be updated in Salesforce (in real-time) from where every stakeholder can easily access it to manage or improve the client's relationship with your company. Here, you can also view all documents uploaded or signed by clients, data pulled by different services, and more.

New Services
Features Updates
September Update
September 30th, 2021
Contract handling done the right way

New features keep on rolling out! There are 2 new services coming to the platform - Contract Reader and PDF Mapper. We wanted to make contract handling as smooth as possible both for you and your clients. With these new services, you can easily digitize your existing contract, enable auto-generation of documents, or signing of terms and conditions.

A graph with pdf mapper and contract reader logos
PDF Mapper

Say goodbye to manually type clients' data into documents! PDF Mapper was created to remove all the unnecessary processes related to contract handling. All you need to do is mapping the input fields from your onboarding flow with the input fields in your contract and PDF Mapper will automatically generate a document using clients' data. It not only saves you time but, most importantly, instantly provides your clients with ready-to-sign documents.

Contract Reader

Add Contract Reader into your flows to enable uploading and reading documents. In fact, you can either upload a PDF file or paste the text you want your clients to read and our platform will do its magic automatically creating a document. You can request the 'scroll through' action to ensure that your clients have legally gone through the documents before signing them.

Other improvements:
  • Twilio translation - a new feature that allows translation of Twilio interface into other languages.
  • Remove end clients from Client Portal - this update allows you to remove client data from the portal ensuring GDPR compliance.
New Services
Features Updates
August Update
August 16th, 2021
Document signing made easy

Excited to announce new features of the platform! Signing documents and agreements is a crucial part of client onboarding. Having to print, sign and scan documents is inefficient, and that's the issue solved by our newly integrated services - NemID Signatur and Flow Connector.

A graph with NemID Signature and Flow Connector logos
NemID Signatur

NemID is a Danish public identification service that allows you to verify if your clients are who they say they are. The NemID Signatur is an electronic signature service used to legally sign digital documents. It's based on Public Key Infrastructure which enables authentication and confidentiality in digital communication between two parties.

Flow Connector

If you need a contract to be signed by more than one person, then the Flow Connector service is the right tool. With Flow Connector, you can easily collect all the necessary signatures or perform due diligence on every stakeholder during corporate onboarding. Choose one of two ways to contact the individuals, SMS or email. Then, let the flow pick up emails or phone numbers of all  individuals and automatically send them dedicated flows.

Other improvements:
  • Client Portal filter - a new filter allows filtering signups by flow start date or flow completion date.
An overview of client portal