BREX Prefill

BREX is a corporate data verification service. It allows you to find all information from owners to the address of a company. With BREX Prefill, you can enable your clients to prefill the registry data in the form.

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Company data (KYB)
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BREX - prefill corporate data

BREX is a global registry network that offers instant access to more than 6 billion company fillings from official company registries around the world. The service can pull and prefill the data during onboarding using the most up-to-date data from official registries.

Lear more about the service, here.

How to connect BREX Prefill?

  1. Create a form with mandatory "Country of incorporation" and "Company registration number" fields (ignore this step if you already have one).
  2. In the following step, choose BREX Match from the service panel and add it into the flow.
  3. Activate the service and save changes.
  4. Create additional forms with all the fields you wish to be prefilled.
  5. All available data will be automatically added to subsequent data fields.
  6. Launch the flow to see changes.

Note: The BREX Prefill will only match input from the "Company Fields" and "Owner/director fields".

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