HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform that integrates a variety of tools you need for marketing, sales, or customer service.

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service hub
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CRM platform

Use HubSpot to organize contacts and keep track of every interaction with your client. All data collected throughout your client's onboarding journey will be updated in HubSpot (in real time) from where every stakeholder can access it to manage or improve the client's relationship with your company. Here, you can also view all documents uploaded or signed by clients, data pulled by different services, and more.

Lear more about the service, here.

How to connect HubSpot?

  1. Create the flow.
  2. Before adding an end step, choose HubSpot from the export panel and add it into the flow.
  3. Connect HubSpot by logging into your account.
  4. Map field names with HubSpot objects and properties and save changes.
  5. Launch the flow to see changes.
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