Client Monitoring

Screening and monitoring without having to do a thing.

Client Monitoring overview

Screening and Monitoring done the smart way.

HelloFlow's Client Monitoring system provides a no-code approach to ensure you stay compliant.

No-code setup

On the platform you simply define the databases and/or services you wish to screen on an ongoing basis.

Simple alert handling

If an alert is created from any of the sources you screened, then it can be simply handled through automated rules or through the Client Portal.

Monitoring services and databases from every region.

Create a 'monitoring flow' using a combination of AML services and local databases to ensure that you comply with regional standards.

AML monitoring

Use a number of AML providers to ensure that your clients don't appear on PEP, sanctions, or adverse media lists.

Local data monitoring

Use a large number of local person and company databases from 90 countries to check for changes on a daily basis.

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Key benefits of HelloFlow

Flexibility: Adjust the flow whenever you want. Flow Builder gives you the flexibility to adjust the flow within minutes without engaging additional teams into the process.

No-code digitization: You don’t need an entire IT team to build and launch the flow. The intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ interface allows any member of the business development team to do it.

Cost reduction: Reduce operational costs related to the manual onboarding process by implementing digital onboarding. Reduce teams that needed to be included in the traditional setup.

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