A set of tools built around a no-code setup to future-proof your business.

Flow Builder overview

Flow Builder

Flow Builder is the backbone of HelloFlow. It structures your onboarding process using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It consists of Builder, Connector, Designer and Performance overview section.

Use the Builder to define questions and flow structure, Connector to select and connect needed KYC services, and Designer to make it look like your own colours and design.

Before launching the flow, you can test it at any time to ensure that things are working as expected.

Once the flow has been launched, use Performance overview section to monitor the overall performance of your flow and see reports on users’ activity and behaviours.

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Service Hub overview

Service Hub

Service Hub comprises all the digital resources your business needs to use in order to know its customers. HelloFlow has a variety of individual and corporate identity verification services already integrated into the platform.

There is a range of free and paid-for identity verification services that will greatly enhance the onboarding process. Use services like NemID or BankID to ensure regulatory compliance and fraud prevention.

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Client Monitoring overview

Client Monitoring

Client Monitoring enables you to ensure KYC and AML compliance. Create clear and auditable processes adjusted to your needs to run customer checks at any time and frequency.

Save time and reduce operational costs by setting an automated KYC monitoring. Protect your reputation, ensure regulatory compliance and fraud prevention by monitoring and verifying data over time.

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Client Portal overview

Client Portal

Imagine a CRM and case management system that is directly connected to your processes and flows - this is exactly what Client Portal is.

It automates everything from monitoring to renewals by understanding client data + risk and thereby automates your setup.

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