An updated list of all subprocessors used by HelloFlow.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is the server utilised by HelloFlow to store and host the platform.  

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Mixpanel is a product analyses tool that HelloFlow utilises to analyse user behavior.  

Location: San Francisco, USA


Webflow Webflow is used to create and maintain HelloFlow's website and online sales/marketing forms.  

Location: Germany


Pipedrive is used by HelloFlow to maintain an internal CRM of contracted clients and partners.

Location: New York, USA


Dinero is used by HelloFlow for all accounting and invoicing.  

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Contractbook is used by HelloFlow to distribute and sign all contracts between clients and the company.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


LinkedIn is used by HelloFlow to contact potential clients.  

Location: California, USA


Slack is used by HelloFlow for all internal communication.  

Location: California, USA

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used by HelloFlow for all conference calls.  

Location: California, USA

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